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BA Drama (Performance) Hons


What you will study

Year 1

The focus of Year 1 is on ensemble work, which provides the foundation for a dynamic, collaborative educational environment. Students participate in a small-scale ensemble production and are introduced to fundamental skills and concepts of performance, particularly basic acting, improvisation, voice and speech, movement, singing and dance. Drama facilitation skills are also introduced and students begin to analyse drama and performance critically.

Year 2 

Year 2 emphasises small-group work and the development of the students’ individual skills, with a strong emphasis on contrasting approaches to acting and drama. Intensive modules are offered in scene study and in Shakespeare in performance. Students perform in projects around contemporary Irish drama and 16th- to 19th-century European drama. Theatre-in-Education workshops aim to develop students’ facilitation skills for school children, including a school placement. Students develop their movement, singing and dance skills and are introduced to combat. Throughout the year students research and write about plays and performance from different historical periods.

Year 3

In Year 3, students are expected to begin to integrate the various skills and concepts they have acquired from the previous years. In the first half of the year, they investigate innovative and experimental contemporary theatre practices, culminating in a small-scale production. Specialised acting skills to camera and radio are introduced and movement, singing and combat strands are completed. Students also participate in a placement using drama in a social care context. In the final semester, students participate in a full-scale production, create an acting showcase for acting agents and other members of the theatre and film industries, and write a short dissertation on a research area of their own choosing.

Exchange Opportunities

You may be able to spend part of your second year studying abroad. Partnerships have been formed with Columbia College, Chicago, and other education institutions in Europe.

Further Information

Mairead Hurley
Head of Vocal, Opera and Drama Studies