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Your audition

Applicants take a written test, usually around March each year – this is held in Trinity College.  Sample tests are available here.  If you are successful, you will be called for an audition and interview in April/May.


Applicants will be required to play two contrasting pieces of their choice on their chosen instrument and to undertake a sight-reading/aural test. An accompanist will be provided but, as there is no rehearsal, applicants may prefer to bring their own. The examiners have the right to hear all or part of the two pieces presented for audition. There will also be a brief interview to demonstrate the applicant's suitability for teaching. The audition/interview will last approximately 15 minutes.

Piano Auditions

Please note that film music, transcriptions, arrangements, popular, rock, traditional Irish and jazz pieces are not accepted for the audition.

A high standard of performance is expected, generally minimum of Grade 8 or equivalent. 

Orchestral Instrument Auditions

Applicants must prepare two contrasting pieces from the classical repertoire of at least Grade 7 standard or equivalent.  A high standard of performance is expected.  Candidates may bring their own accompanist or have one provided upon request.  Please note that backing tracks are not permitted.

Vocal Auditions

Applicants are required to prepare two contrasting songs from the classical repertoire, with piano accompaniment – an accompanist will be provided.  Songs from recent musicals will not be accepted. Please note that backing tracks are not permitted. 

Traditional Music Auditions

Applicants are required to prepare two contrasting pieces, e.g. a dance tune and a song or slow air. 


The interview is intended to assess your suitability for entry to the programme.  You should be prepared to answer questions about your music studies, performance experience, and your interest in teaching as a career.  

For inforamtion about the dates of tests, please contact the Admissions department at Trinity College Dublin:  +353 (0)1 896 4444,   

BMusEd Sample Entrance Paper

Further Information

Dr Mark Fitzgerald
BMusEd Programme Chair