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BMus Hons


Bachelor of Music with Honours (Level 8) DT501 
Application Procedures for entry in September 2018

Entrance to Year 1 of DT501 (Bachelor of Music) is determined in the first instance by an audition and entrance test. School Leaving results (including meeting the minimum entry requirements) or other experience for mature students determine the final offer of a place. For candidates considering Advanced Entry to DIT (transferring from another course), please contact Dermot Dunne, the BMus Programme chair at

Summary of Application Process

For more detailed information, please see the Terms, Conditions, and Further Information section.

  • All Irish and EU applicants must apply through the CAO (including advanced entry applicants)
  • All International applicants should contact both the DIT International Office and the DT501 programme Chair, Dermot Dunne, by email:

The following are the stages for Irish/EU applicants through the Central Applications Office CAO

Stage 1

  • 1 February 2017: CAO Application Deadline for DT501 Year 1

All applicants to DT501 including advanced entry must apply through the Central Applications Office:

Only applications made through the CAO can progress to the next stage.

Stage 2

  • We will email you directly by February 20 asking you to complete and online audition application form – you must complete and submit this form to us by February 28


Stage 3

  • 6 March 2018: Applicants to DT501 who have submitted a direct online application by 28 February will be emailed their audition date/time by 6 March 2018. If you have not heard from us by March 6 please contact

Stage 4

  • 12-16 March: These are the provisional audition dates for all applicants and entrance tests for DT501. Your written test will be on the same day as your audition and takes approximately 75 minutes. It consists of 3 parts and there is a copy of a sample paper on the ‘your audition’ page of this website

Stage 5

  • Early April 2018: Notification of audition results

All CAO applicants who present for audition will be notified of their results (in writing) around the beginning of April 2018.

  • BONUS POINTS Applicants who have passed the audition and written test will be notified of the points awarded (up to a maximum of 100) which will be added to their Leaving Certificate points to give their combined points for this degree. Due to the large number of applications, candidates who do not pass the audition/written test will not receive a score.
  • Advanced Entry applicants do not sit the entrance tests; such applicants are assessed on the standard of their performance and their academic suitability for entering Year 2, 3 or 4 of the BMus course. Advanced Entry applicants should contact the programme chair 

Stage 6

  • July - September 2018: Offer of Places

For successful applicants, a firm offer of a place will be made by the CAO in late August/early September. Advanced Entry applicants will be notified of whether they have been successful in gaining a place around four weeks after audition and this offer may be conditional on the results of exams which a student is taking during the summer. 

For further information please contact:  Dermot Dunne DT501 Programme Chair:


Terms, Conditions and Further Information

By submitting an application to the CAO and a subsequent online application to the Conservatory of Music and Drama, all applicants acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions:

1. DT501 is a restricted course. Only applications made through the CAO by 1 February 2018 will be considered.
2. Application correspondence will normally take place through email – please ensure that you enter your email address correctly on the CAO application. All applicants must ensure that someone is able to deal with emails or other correspondence from the Conservatory during the period 1 February to 31 May.
3. All candidates who have applied through the CAO will receive an email from the Conservatory inviting them to apply for an audition. Applicants who have not received this email by 20 February 2018 must contact Dermot Dunne. This email will be sent to applicants’ email addresses as recorded in their CAO application, and will provide information on the audition requirements/guidelines for particular instruments/ voice. Please read these guidelines carefully to assess your suitability for entry to the BMus course (DT501). Please note that the Conservatory does not cater for pop/rock music. Rock / pop applicants should apply to DT506. It is very important that candidates’ audition pieces satisfy the criteria specified in the Audition Guidelines.
4. Following receipt of the invitation to audition, applicants wishing to progress to the next stage of the process must submit an online application form to the Conservatory before 5pm on Wednesday 28 February 2018 [details of how to access the application form will be included in the email]. Applications will not be accepted after this time. If you are unable to complete the online application form, please contact Dermot Dunne well in advance of the closing date so that alternative arrangements can be made for you to submit your application to the Conservatory.
5. Applicants will receive a confirmation email from the Conservatory, within 24 hours, acknowledging receipt of their online application form. This is the only acceptable evidence of a completed application form: an application through the CAO is essential but not sufficient in itself. The onus is on applicants to contact the Conservatory if they do not receive a confirmation email.
6. Applicants wishing to audition for two instruments/voice will be required to submit two direct online applications to the Conservatory. Applicants should note that this entails attending two separate auditions. We will try to schedule these on the same day, but we cannot guarantee that will be possible. Such applicants will sit one entrance test.
7. Applicants will be notified of their audition date/time by 6 March 2018. The Conservatory will make these arrangements by email.
8. Given the very large number of applications, it is vital that applicants confirm their attendance at audition with the relevant Head of Department [details of who to contact will be in the email detailing the audition date/time]. Should you wish to withdraw your application, please inform the Programme Chair/Head of Department so that your audition slot may be offered to another applicant.
9. Failure to confirm attendance at the audition may result in an applicant’s audition slot being offered to someone else.
10. Applicants who do not present for audition, without giving at least 24 hours’ notice of the cancellation, will be deemed to have withdrawn from the application process.
11. Applicants should arrive in plenty of time for their audition. In the event of an applicant not appearing at his/her scheduled time, the audition panel reserves the right to move on to the next candidate. If time permits, the panel may be able to facilitate such applicants later in the day.
12. The Conservatory will try to facilitate a ten-minute warm-up prior to the audition in a nearby room but cannot guarantee rehearsal time with a Conservatory accompanist.
13. Applicants availing of Conservatory accompanists must provide original copies of the music. Vocal/Orchestral applicants must provide music in the key they are performing: it is not acceptable to present an accompaniment that needs to be transposed.
14. The Conservatory reserves the right to ask for accompaniments to be forwarded in advance. However, please do not send copies of your accompaniments unless you are asked to.
15. As part of the audition, applicants may be asked to talk about their performance experience, exams taken and their interest in the course. This is an informal interview to ascertain an applicant’s suitability for the course and also provides an opportunity for the applicant to ask questions.
16. All applicants must sit an entrance exam at 2pm on the day of their audition in Rathmines. An applicant can only attend an entrance test on another day in exceptional circumstances. This must be arranged in advance with the Programme Chair, as there are restrictions on the number of people who can be accommodated at each entrance test. Please note that while auditions are held in both our Chatham Row building and our Rathmines Road building the written entrance test takes place in Rathmines, Dublin 6 only. Please arrive in good time for this, as latecomers cannot be admitted.
17. Applicants who present for audition but who do NOT attend the entrance test will be deemed to have withdrawn from the application process.
18. Applicants who do not pass Stage 4 (the audition/entrance test) cannot reapply if vacant places are advertised in late August/early September.
19. Applicants with a disability requiring special arrangements for the audition and/or entrance test are advised to make prior contact with Dermot Dunne so that reasonable adjustments can be discussed and put in place, where necessary.
20. All applicants, who present for audition, will be notified in writing of the outcome of their audition/entrance test in early April 2018.
21. Successful applicants to DT501 will be made a conditional offer and awarded a score of up to 100 points (this will be detailed in the conditional offer letter), which will be added to their school-leaving results. A firm offer of a place depends on applicants meeting the minimum entry requirements and school-leaving points (under normal CAO offering procedures): standard offers are made through the CAO in late August/early September.
22. Advanced Entry applicants do not receive a score: they are either successful or unsuccessful in obtaining a place.
23. Applicants who are unsuccessful in their audition/entrance test will not receive a score.
24. The decision of the audition panel and Conservatory of Music and Drama is final. 

Minimum Entry Requirements
DT501 BMus


Minimum No. of

Minimum Grade in

Other Requirements


Higher level subjects


English or Irish






Audition and Entrance Test


To make an enquiry about the programme, please contact:

Dermot Dunne
BMus Programme Chair
tel:  +353 (0)1 402 7822
fax:  +353 (0)1 402 3512