Shigeto Wada

BEd (Musical Composition) National Teacher's License for Junior High and High School education in Music (Ministry of Education, Japan)

Shigeto Wada Lecturer in Music Technology

Shigeto Wada is a wholetime Assistant Lecturer in Music Technology and a PhD student at University of East Anglia (UK) in electroacoustic music and sonic arts.

His research is driven from an attitude of active music/sound creation based on an interdisciplinary approach across subjects. The research interests are real time improvisation, instrument design, ‘computer oriented’ sound/music creation, digital ethics, computer programming, Internet technology. Technical keywords are: OS X, Debian Linux, Max/MSP, C, Objective C, XML, Cocoon and so on.

He regularly performs in solo or group improvisations with his self-designed instrument ‘silverbox’. Musicians performed with are Evan Parker, Nic Collins, Steve Beresford, Jonathan Impett, Nicola Bernardini, Ludger Brümmer. He is a member of a rock band, ‘hyper kinako’. Hyper has been broadcasted by BBC Radio 1’s John Peel Show. Additionally, he was ‘Highly Commended’ at the European Piano Teachers Association (UK) Competition final.

Specialist Areas: Computer aided self-designed instrument, Computer algorithms