Performance Practice

Current projects include

David Brophy
Performance Practice in Orchestral Music, 1750-1800:  a case study

Elena Papandreou
The "Megaron" Concerto for Guitar and String Orchestra by Nikita Koshkin:  An Exploration of Performance Issues, a Performing Edition and a CD Recording

Martin Tourish
In Process and Practice:  the Development of an Archive of Explicit Stylistic Data for Irish Traditional Instrumental Music

Drazen Derek
The Quantum Physics of Improvisation: an Investigation of Improvisation Practice for Guitar and How it Might be Re-Interpreted, Analysed, Performed and Taught

Sean MacErlaine
Redesigning a Performance Practice:  Synergising Woodwind Improvisation with Bespoke Software Technology 

Antje Scheider
Body, Mind and Motion: Exploring the Relationship between Body Awareness Practice and Creative Expression in Dance 

Patrick Daly
Pathways to the Improvised Vernacular 

Eamon O'Doherty
Expressive Performance of Atonal Approaches to Arnold Schonberg's Phantasy for Violin and Piano 

Damien Evans
New Methods of Expressive Music Performance Techniques and a Performance Theory for the Double Bass within a Jazz Trio Context 

Leslie-Gail Ellis
Awareness and Responsibility Expansion in the Young Performer: how can I Improve my Practice to Facilitate the Development of the Young Violinist’s Performance Preparation Skills?

Recently completed project

Pavlos Kanellakis (PhD)
The Guitar music of Nikos Mamangakis

Much of the music of Nikos Mamangakis has not received scholarly attention to date.  The creation of performing editions with critical commentary together with CD recordings will lead to a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of this important composer’s contribution to the guitar repertoire.