Current projects include

Rachel Talbot
The Comic Mirror: Puppet Opera as a reflection of eighteenth-century musical life

Mary Nugent
Instrumental Music Learning in an Irish Bi/Multimusical Context

Carole O'Connor
The Music of Jehan Alain:  an analytical study of performance

Adrian Smith
Formal Strategies from Cologne:  the Experimental Aesthetic in the music of Kevin Volans, Gerald Barry and Raymond Deane

Brian O hUigin
An Investigation of Melodic Migration as a Compositional Process in Traditional Music in Ireland

Patrick Kehoe
The Establishment and Early Years of the Radio Eireann Symphony Orchestra

Eoin Tierney
A History of the Pipe-Organ in Leinster in the 20th Century: the Builders, the Influences, Successes and Gradual Decline

Michael O'Toole
A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Career of John Williams: Performer, Arranger, Composer and Pedagogue

Robert Harvey
The Development of Composition in Traditional Irish Dance Music and Airs from 1950

Margaret Doris
J G C Schetky (1740-1824) Joseph Reinagle (1752-1825) and John Gunn c. 1765-c. 1824: A reappraisal of the careers of 3 provincially based violoncello performers and pedagogues in Britian

Nollaig O Fionghaile
Melodic Visions, Dancing Sounds and Peripheral Aesthetics: Defining an Evolving Aesthetic for Traditional Music

David Scott
Critical Evaluation of the Irish Art Song

Stephen McCann
Music & Politics in Ireland


Recently completed projects

David Connolly (PhD)
The Development of Chant-Based Organ Composition 1850–1950

This thesis explores the developments in the use of chant in larger-scale organ compositions in France and addresses the reasons and significance of the use of chant themes.  It also includes an examination of the editions and versions of the chants used by different composers and the impact of evolving performance practice relating to chant on the use of the themes, specifically with relation to the rhythm.

Tríona O’Hanlon (PhD)
Mercer's Hospital Part Books: An Investigation of Eighteenth Century Music Making in Dublin in Support of Mercer's Hospital 

This project investigates the rich resource of Mercer’s Hospital’s eighteenth-century musical and administrative records.  The musical records consist of fifty-five printed and manuscript part books.  These books provide the vocal and instrumental parts for the music performed at the annual benefit concerts.  The best represented composers are Handel, Corelli, Stanley, Boyce, Greene, Purcell and Humfrey.  A principle aim of the project is to provide a detailed catalogue of the musical material in accordance with the guidelines of Repertoire International des Sources Musicals (RISM).  The catalogue will be integrated to this international database. Another important aim is a detailed analysis of the music.  This will reveal how the music was altered to match available musical forces in Dublin, how much was written specifically for Mercer’s and establish the transmission route to Dublin for other material.  Issues of performance practice can be inferred from marketing and marginalia on the music.  The collection will be considered in the wider social and political context of music making in eighteenth-century Ireland and England.