Current projects include

Composition folios by:

Brian Keegan
Glen Austin

Andrew Synnott
Alyson Barber
Patrick Egan
Jamie Gonzalez

Recently completed projects

David Bremner (PhD)
The main emphasis of this research project is form and rhythm, particularly focusing on polyrhythms and their possible applications at different structural levels. This ties in the creation of complex, seemingly illogical situations composed of individually logical lines.

Dermot McDermot (MPhil)
This project investigates the different ways in which mathematics has impinged on the process of musical composition.  Spectral techniques are applied to orchestral timbres and the research also covers aspects of logarithm based, non-Pythagorean musical scales.

David Flynn (PhD)
Traditional Irish Music:  A Path to New Music
This project involves studying traditional Irish music and how it has influenced contemporary Irish composers and also applying the research to the creation of new compositions.