MMus (Performance)

Career opportunities

Graduates of this programme have found employment in a variety of disciplines including music education and performance. While the majority of graduates are pursuing employment opportunities as performers both in solo and ensemble capacities, these graduates usually find themselves partaking in a ‘portfolio’ career, simultaneously embracing many career-paths within the music profession. This multi-faceted graduate profile informs much of the programme design.

Typically, classical music graduates are employed by opera companies, orchestras and music education programmes. Jazz and traditional Irish performers are enjoying careers both as solo and ensemble artists engaging both in live and recorded performances. Almost all of the graduates engage in corporate work. An important source of employment in the sector is instrumental and vocal teaching. Many graduates are making valuable contributions to music education and community music.  

Graduates have successful careers in the following areas:

  • Instrumental Performance (solo, chamber music, orchestra, repetiteur/accompaniment etc.)
  • Vocal Performance (lieder, chamber choir, opera, musical theatre etc.)
  • Jazz Performance (solo/ensemble)
  • Irish traditional performance (solo/groups)
  • Music Education, Instrumental/Vocal Teaching, Research
  • TV and Radio/Commercial Recording
  • Creative Arts, Media, Journalism
  • Adjudicating/Examining 

Further Information

Dr Cliona Doris
M.Mus. Programme Chair
Conservatory of Music and Drama 
College of Arts and Tourism
DIT Rathmines Road, Dublin 6