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Early Years Music

Our Early Years Music programme emphasizes holistic development whereby each child has the opportunity to nurture and develop musical, physical, conceptual and social skills appropriate to her/his age.  Children learn through active music-making.  There are three levels of classes:

  • Kids' Club 1 (for pre-school children)
  • Kids' Club 2 (for children in Junior Infants)
  • Pre-Instrumental Classes (for children in Senior Infants, 5–7 years old)

Kids' Club 1 and 2

In 45-minute weekly classes, children participate in singing, storytelling, percussion and much more with specialist teachers in each area.

Pre-Instrumental Classes (for children in Senior Infants, 5–7 year olds)

In preparation for learning to play an instrument, these 45-minute weekly classes engage children with music in stimulating and playful ways.  Through active musicmaking, the course is carefully structured to introduce children to the basic elements of music fundamental to learning to play an instrument.  These include the development of competence in singing, awareness of pitch and a strong sense of rhythm, as well as preparation for music literacy.  Classes consist of singing, games, movement, playing percussion instruments and listening to music.  In addition, children get an opportunity to meet and hear the instruments of the orchestra. 

For more information:
Dr Lorraine O'Connell, Musicianship Co-ordinator: lorraine.oconnell@dit.ie