Improvisation, Piano Ensembles and Junior Chamber Music

Junior students in the Keyboard Department currently have the option to study improvisation and to participate in Piano Ensembles and Junior Chamber Music.
Following on from the keyboard department’s ‘Finland Project’,  it was noted how beneficial it was to have  improvisation and ensemble playing included  in the young pianist’s study. 

In the Conservatory, when students to take improvisation they work in pairs for a 20 minute session for 4-6 week block each term.
In the sessions students learn to develop improvisation skills in both a structured and non-structured way incorporating the following:

  • improvising  4-8 bar melodies with simple accompaniments
  • learning  keyboard harmony progressions and applying those skills to accompanying a melody using a variety of patterns
  • free improvisations

With regard to Piano Ensembles and Chamber Music, these activities are offered on a regular basis and provide experience for multiple performers (combinations of 4 and 8 hands at one or two pianos) and also junior piano trios -  recent combinations including two violins and piano, piano, flute and violin and violin, cello and piano.

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