Dublin Performing Artists' Medical Centre

The Conservatory is delighted to have formed an association with Dublin Performing Artists' Medical Centre, our health services partner.  Through this partnership, we aim to raise awareness of physical and mental well being and to promote safe practices among our students and staff, and to make our students healthier.  

Dublin Performing Artists' Medical Centre provides comprehensive performance-oriented musculoskeletal assessment and medical treatment of problems that occur in instrumentalists, singers, dancers and actors at all performance levels, including students, professionals and amateurs.  In addition to a medical assessment, treatment includes an evaluation of the performer's technique, physical conditioning, repertoire and instrument, in relation to the current medical problem. 

Performing artists have many unique medical expectations and needs which can be addressed by prescribing individualised treatment and rehabilitation programmes.

The Centre offers preferential rates for students at DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama and offers Pilates sessions at our campus in Rathmines.  

Dublin Performing Artists' Medical Centre
36 Lennox Street
Dublin 8

tel:  +353 (0)1 476 3330
tel:  +353 (0)1 476 3331